The Cheapest Thrift Store In Austin

At Treasure City, we believe that thrift stores by definition should be thrifty. So we are. By selling items in our store at lower prices than other local retail and thrift shops, we are affordable to all, opening our doors to a truly diverse set of folks. And unlike other...


Upcoming Events

really really free market

Really Really Free Market

The Really Really Free Market is where we give away lots of great treasures for free! That's right no money, no barter, no trade. Everything is FREE. read more »

25c Sale

Monthly 25 Cent Sale

Every month we have a 25 cent sale from 11am until 5pm. You will find many treasures and especially lots of clothes. The more you dig the more you find - all for just a quarter!

Solidarity Not Charity

Charity alleviates the symptoms caused by an unjust system but doesn't challenge the root problems, and it often puts those providing the charity in a position of power OVER those who it 'helps' with benevolence or feeling good for helping out. Solidarity, on the other hand, implies that our struggles are intertwined. read more »

Mutual Aid

Mutual aid is a voluntary giving of material goods, resources, or labor to others in a shared community with the expectation that all will benefit. Mutual aid is not barter; groups and individuals give what they can or what they want to. In this way, participation in mutual aid is a way to put into practice the idea that individuals and groups can be trusted to make economic decisions that affect them and their communities.

Groups We Support

We started this project to raise money and material support for small, local, grassroots community groups and projects that traditionally have difficulty finding funding. We believe that the struggles for social justice are not separate, but in fact all linked together in a broader struggle for liberation - an injustice against one is an injustice against all. read more »

Our Mission

Treasure City Thrift, a worker-run nonprofit, supports local groups working for grassroots change.

read more »